2A National Football Awards Released

National 2A Champions for Character Award
Jackson Yates – Holy Ground Baptist (GA)

National 2A Player of the Year
Trey Push – Thomas Heyward Academy (SC)

National 2A Quarterback of the Year
Israel Reed -Imani Christian (SC)

National 2A Running Back of the Year
Matthew Richard – Acadiana Christian (LA)

National 2A Wide Receiver of the Year
Connor Gasque -Pee Dee Academy (SC)

National 2A Lineman of the Year
Alston Knox – Chambers Academy (AL)

National 2A Defensive Player of the Year
Bryce Tillotson – Thomas Heyward(SC)

National 2A Ironman Award
Dashaun Wright – Imani Christian (PA)

National 2A Underclassman of the Year
Bobby Payne – Thomas Heyward Academy (SC)

National 2A Coach of the Year
Jason Allen – Chambers Academy (AL)