Class 4A National Football Awards Announced

National 4A Champions for Character Award
Michel Dukes, First Baptist

National 4A Player of the Year
Jai Williams – Ascension Catholic (LA)
2668 yards rushing and 32 touchdowns and 95 tackles

National 4A Quarterback of the Year
Zachary Clement Lafayette Christian (LA)

National 4A Running Back of the Year
Da’Joun Hewitt – Davidson Academy (TN)

National 4A Wide Receiver of the Year
Colby Chenault – Bayou Academy (MS)

National 4A Lineman of the Year
Nicholas Hilliard – Ascension Catholic

National 4A Defensive Player of the Year
Martin Lee – Lafayette Christian (LA)

National 4A Ironman Award
Joseph Hanson – Mars Hil Bible (AL)

National 4A Underclassman of the Year
Kemari McGowan MTCS (TN)

National 4A Coach of the Year
Jonathan Quinn – Davidson Academy (TN)